Born in South Carolina, Brooke was raised with the unique culture the South has to offer.  Fast forward twenty-four years, she meets the man of her dreams (a military hunk), they get married and start their life (as any military family does) moving around. Somewhere along the way she discovered her love for hair and pursued her schooling in Pensacola.

Her career took off in the beach town of Navarre, Florida where she really began to thrive as an independent stylist focusing heavily on balayage, foily-age, and other specialty services.  Painting has always been soothing to Brooke so she chose to focus on hand painting balayage and other forms of specialty color.  Three years later, the military decided to give her family an adventure in California.  She took advantage of this opportunity to expand her horizons with different cultures, education, and having a baby boy Elijah.

She loves doing hair wherever she goes, however, she missed her home (those southern roots) and decided to move closer to family.

She has been trained by maeipaint, level10blonde, masterofbalayage, chelseahobbs, and beckymhair.  She believes education is so important and she will do whatever she can to continue to evolve as a stylist.

She feels she’s thriving in The Honey Loft as she’s surrounded by wonderful women who have similar mindsets.  Brooke is here to stay as she and her husband have decided to plant their roots here in Jacksonville.

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