Honey Loft is a Booth Rental Salon, meaning no matter how hard or little you work, you pay a flat rate per week. If you have a loyal clientele, need flexibility in your schedule, and are ready to be your own boss, we’d love to have you apply below. Not to mention, we are proud to offer two weeks paid vacation for the year.

Keep scrolling for a letter from owner and stylist, Steph Murray Waltrip.

    “After living in this industry , literally my entire life, I have seen the pros and cons to every stylist work environment, because Ive done them all! And at every place in my life they were necessary- no regrets! Working in different salons , and foreign atmospheres helped me understand what kind of work habitat I need to thrive and feel driven…flash forward 14 years a husband and  3 kids later – Im thrilled to be a co-owner and host other creative women who are driven and want to feel in control of not only their income, but their work hours and career life balance.”

    Steph Murray Waltrip

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